Calling all Roslindale, West Roxbury, and JP businesses!
We are currently working on a brand new Monopoly-Style game featuring our community businesses and non-profits.
The last time the Parkway Club made a monopoly board was over 25 years ago. One of our members had one in their archives and we got to open it at a recent meeting. Many of the local businesses that advertised on the board are still thriving today!
Many of the spaces have already been snapped up quickly. We already have a special (and very generous) guest who will make an appearance on the $$!
If you are interested in purchasing a square with your logo to show your Parkway Pride, please email our Secretary, Arlene Hanafin. 
Want to purchase a copy of the game for yourself or a gift? Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled! Local businesses and toy stores will have copies for sale for the holiday season! We will announce locations in the fall.