Hello Friends of the West Roxbury and Roslindale Rotary!

One of our main activities is fundraising to award local high school
students with the Louis M. Kfoury Jr. & Daniel H. Van Ee Memorial
Scholarship. Both Louis M. Kfoury Jr. & Daniel H. Van Ee were past
presidents of the club and residents of the Parkway area. You have
helped us raised these funds and now we'd like your help spending it!

Please encourage eligible students you may know to apply. I've
attached an application to this email. Eligible students must be
residents of Roslindale or West Roxbury who are high school seniors
enrolled in a school of higher learning next year.

Additional applications and information can be found at The
Cooperative Bank, Brookline Bank, Mt. Washington Bank, Peoples Federal
Savings Bank, Blue Hills Bank, Parkway Printing, West Roxbury YMCA,
Larosa Real Estate, Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors, and Travel by
Judie Leon or by contacting any Rotarian. Deadline for applications is
June 30.