The West Roxbury/Roslindale Rotary Club in conjunction with Rotary clubs worldwide are mobilizing resources to deliver urgently needed relief and ShelterBoxes to the millions affected by Haiti's devastating earthquake.  ShelterBox is an ongoing project of Rotary International and has already delivered more than 3,300 containers to Haiti, with another 1,000 or more scheduled to be deployed. Each box contains a tent that houses 10 people as well as a stove, water purification equipment, and other essential items. Doctors have been using supplies from the containers to treat the injured. Hospitals in the capital city are using the tents to provide emergency shelter for postoperative patients. The price of a complete Shelter Box is $1,000 (US), and the club is matching donations up to a maximum of $1000. Any and all donations are also gratefully accepted and will be forwarded for Haitian relief.