More than 100 friends, family and elected officials came together on April 24, to honor Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley as he received the Rotary Club International Paul Harris Award. Named after the founder of Rotary International, the Paul Harris Award is one of the highest awards in Rotary and is offered to individuals who have made selfless contributions to the community.
     Some accomplishments as district attorney include anti-gang legislation, an overhaul of the way police and prosecutors gather and use evidence, and opening Massachusetts' first Family Justice Center. Conley has increased prosecution of financial theft cases and computer-related crimes.
     In addition to friends and Conley's family, as well as many elected officials showing support. Guests included City Councilor John Tobin, (who was installed into the West Roxbury~Roslindale Rotary Club as well), City Councilor Rob Consalvo, State Rep. Mike Rush (who also agreed to Join the West Roxbury ~ Roslindale Rotary), Boston City Councilor at-Large Andrew Kenneally, mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty, and Rotary District Governor Thomas Elliot.
     Many joked about Conley's appearance on local and national news programs in recent days due to the arrest of Philip Markoff, for the "Craigs List Murder". Conley said he is working hard to honor the memory of the victim. "Part of our job is to inform our public of what has happened," he said. "But the heart of a prosecutor's job is to serve victims like Julissa Brisman." (see photo journal for more pictures)